Intro. (aka New Year, New Obsession)

Here goes the dog blog.

I used to blog. A while ago. Back when things were a lot more dramatic and gut-wrenching. Or at least I thought that’s how it was. Then I stopped, when I came home and life settled in a bit. Sort of. Or maybe I just took it in stride better. Things still though have been just as if not more tumultuous these last almost four years since making the move home, but I think I just get less flapped about it. Funny how quickly you can change and move on.

So we have completed the move. To the OC from the SD. -sigh-. But it is what it is and we are moving into the lovely bones of the old Beach House. The poor thing is tired and neglected, but we seem to be injecting life back into it alongside the dear aunt and her crazy on-again-off-again boyfriend. But thats a whole ‘nother story. We will miss our friends, but then again we still stay friends with our real friends, even when we don’t live nearby. We were forced from the homeland because Pete got laid off in August and I finally got a job in Newport Beach after a very long year of being unemployed and we can save money by living at the Beach. I tried group Y and freelance PR, but that almost killed me. I need a real job. Stability and steady paychecks and all that nonsense.

And then there are the dogs. I really was inspired to start this up again because of my newfound love of the silliness and dorkiness that is dog agility. And because of a certain blog that I am obsessed with (which I am sure will be divulged eventually). I write for a living, and it doesn’t hurt to keep things flowing by writing my own nonsense on the side. I figure instead of ranting about the day to day dramas of work and family feuds and annoying people in line at the grocery store, I can chronicle to progress of Forest’s and my foray into the world of crazy dog lady agility.

So, here’s to the tundrah blog, Volume 2. Many years later…. to be continued.

+ + +

This blog is dedicated to my Nanie. For giving us so much of yourself–some of the best of which include a sense of style (as best as I can live up to); a great love for our dogs, horses, and all of the outdoor world; and beautiful places to live and exist. We will love you forever and miss you always.



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