Oh the Timing. And the Rain…

So just Friday I wrote my woes about registering Forest in the ILP/PAL program for the AKC. That night I filled out the forms in resignation; height, weight, proof of nueter (which fortunately I figured I’d have to wait on til Monday), and a check for $35–all in an effort to dupe the AKC into believing my dog is a “purebred”. I didnt feel good about it in multiple ways.

Well lo and behold, that same day they issued a release stating the Mixed Breeds now will compete with and get titled the same as the “real” dogs. I didnt believe it and assumed someone misread between the lines on the local agillity email group, but that doesnt seem to be the case. We are now able to be legit!

I will continue to support the other organizations as much as I can, but with 4x the amount of AKC agility events around here, this really is going to make my life easier. Forest is already signed up as a mixed breed (male, brown, age 3–that’s all the detail they wanted. Interesting. I guess to the AKC once youre a mixed breed thats all you are, who cares about the details. Whatever.).

On another note things are going to get stir crazy around here. El Nino finally decided to show up all at once this week. We didnt pay attention to the impending storm yesterday and by the time it showed up we still hadnt exercised the dogs. So they got a damp two block walk in the rain and are now going bonkers. Sorry guys.

Also, its looking like no agility this evening, so we really are going to have a frenzied Forest on our hands. However, as I said last week, maybe we were due for skipping a week.

Then again, it doesnt look like it will be my problem–P is taking them both with him to Mammoth for a few days. Which I am glad he’s taking it upon himself to do (I will be in SLC for Oh Arrrrgh!), but I am worried about them being crated for too long and becoming crate adverse. We already disagreed at loud levels about it, so what will happen will happen. I have to choose my battles and will just pray this doesnt undo what little proper crate training has been done. Maybe I’ll make him promise to buy me a copy of Crate Games if things dont go well.

Breathe in, breathe out… I could be in Haiti, or Kabul or Sudan or….


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