It Was a Good Morning

We went to bed early last night, like embarrassingly early. As in slept for ten hours early and still was up and at ’em by 7. This meant we had time and energy to go to Pirates Cove to do some burnouts and donuts amongst the debris. I swear, I live next to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and the amount of crap that washes up really is a bummer.

What wasn’t a bummer was Forest at full tilt–sighthound spine and limbs at full compression and extension–whiplash turning at my recall and bounding back full speed. It wasn’t the usual wide arc and stop and sniff along the way, it was a “Mom called and here I come right NOW” come. He got a major party and jackpot for that one to say the least. Lets hope it happens again soon! That made my morning.

CU number two tonight. Leaving earlier for sure so we have time to relax and potty and get set up. Planning and stress management go hand in hand. The stress in manifesting itself in evil ways in our house… Pete is still a hot mess but at least made it to the doctor, I came home from travels with a lovely case of the hives. Ick. Today they seem to be wrapping up though. Thats the last of my travels for a while, we are almost out of the woods and back to a normal routine. I hope.

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