Rain and Superbowl Try to Squash Our Weekend

But, they did not win. Though they may have rerouted our plans.

Were supposed to have our local agility club test on Saturday. It was pissing rain all AM and cleared up just before. However, I assume that the club decided the mud may be too much (or the city told them they were out of luck in using the soaked park) as there was no one there. Boo. What is most annoying to me–though somewhat understandable–is that I am not allowed to be a member of this club until I “test”. I get it, but that also means I get zero communications from said club and have to virtually stalk them and send plaintive emails to try to figure out what is going on. When I asked last week what the status would be of my test if we got rained out, I got back a terse, one sentence answer. Then again I have to remind myself I am dealing with dog people, not people people. Probably wasnt terse to them….

Anyways, we went to the dog park next door instead where I got yelled at by dog people there (I had very teensy and well-secreted treats in my pocket which none of the dogs noticed, but one lady spotted me treating Forest and yelled at me about it, and another guy also blamed my treats for his nasty muddy yellow lab wiping its nasty muddy face on me.) Awesome. Note to self–avoid dog park. However, Forest’s little bit of CU training shone through–he listened to me, and did rather well when he was being endlessly molested by a huge pit bull puppy. I was proud of him, annoying people aside.

Yesterday, we went to my biz partner’s wife’s bday dinner/get-together, which was right smack during the Superbowl  in a very non-Superbowl bar/restaurant. It was lovely. The highlight was when everyone got out their phones. These are all established career-people (in the sports industry). We were among the youngest–early to mid-thirties. Not one person at the table had kids–instead we went around the table showing our dog pics. Hilarious. Lots of very powerful women there, from my work world, all of them ruling it, sans kids. Makes me feel like not such a freakshow…

Agility tonight, yay. Its been a too-infrequent last few agility weeks. There are actually TWO Fun Matches this coming weekend, and we get Monday off. Hooray.


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