Mental Case

Ummm  yeah. Thats me. I had a rough go at agility on Monday. Forest was an absolute Super Star (except for the part at the end where he took off after another dog—over a jump. Embarrassing to say the least.). He really was though. No meltdowns, no wandering off, no sniffing/eating of grass, no running off up the A-frame to survey the lay of the land… he was great. Funny thing though was how truly annoying he was being in between our runs. He was being a total head case, then was fine. So odd. Maybe I’ll bring the crate instead of the mat next week so he doesnt cane himself being tied to the fence. Yikes.

Anyways, I was a complete hot mess. I kept forgetting the courses half-way through–well not really forgetting, but pulling him the wrong direction momentarily due to brain fade then missing whichever obstacle was next and having to re-set. I seriously am stumped by this becasue A, I am really “on it” spatially in general, and B, I grew up riding and competing hunters and jumpers. I dont think I went off course once. Seriously. So I am stumped.

A few ideas (aka excuses?). One, I ate really crummy before class (like so embarrassingly crummy I wont say where, lets just say it was full of sugar and carbs and empty calories).  I dont think that helped my mental state at all. Two, agility moves a lot faster than jumping horses, oddly enough. Plus there may be something about you being “on” the horse as opposed to directing the animal from the ground. Three, I think what my main problem is that I am fixating on the obstacles independently instead of mapping them out in my brain as little mini-sequences. That’s what my trainer and I talked about after class. So break up a course of 12 obstacles into 3 or 4 little sequences in my brain…

Other items of note (aka more excuses) are: our courses are definitely above Novice level, for sure. That combo’ed with the fact that its 8pm and just above pitch black out there (she really needs better lights) makes me think that on an actual Novice course in broad daylight that I just might do okay…

Still need to find some sort of Motivational Mental Focus books on CD for the car ride down. I think I have adult ADD. Hah.

CU#3 tonight. I do really think it is helping, a lot.