Progress Report

This will be a brief post as it is late and I am mid-Sales Meeting but I wanted to record some notes from last nights class as it went very well.

Forest was a star, again. I do think through trial and error I am learning what seems to make us most successful. I worked from home yesterday so had a fairly mellow day, which means I wasnt rushing and roaring around the house before hopping on a freeway, frantically chattering into cell phone. Had plenty of time, stopped and got a *healthy!* dinner. Sat in the trunk of our wagon with the door open and watched the class before us, c/t’ing for watching other dogs and staying on his mat. I feel like I fed him a ridiculous amount of food (even though it was all teeny tiny pieces) but I really think it worked. Continued the c/t in class for being on his mat and not leaping all over me.

He stayed totally in tune with me (other than one very minor squawk at the same black dog he chased last week). Perfect on everything other than weaves, but I’ll take it. Great tables, tunnels, contacts and teeter—I did try to make sure I rewarded a lot. And man, he is so good with Jumpers. Its so fun to run him with just jumps and watch him roll. I run him extra quiet in the jumpers too, less stressful I guess?

Our weaves need work still, but if I can keep him focused on me at an actual trial, then that is all I care about at this point. Been watching a lot of YouTube vids on SG’s 2×2 weaves method. Mulling that one over. Also trying to find a toy that he will like enough to play with in class… maybe one of the furry bunny tugs? He sure was excited about that lure, need to find what will translate best…

So, overall–very happy with the little man. Its all about me managing my stress levels and reinforcing the hell out of him right now… at least until next week?

CU #4 tomorrow.


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