“Once I Wanted to be the Greatest…”

Last night at agility was good. Well really it wasn’t that good–we had some serious tunnel aversion (random), gradually deteriorating weave entries, a solid crouch on the table–neither sit nor down–and other shenanigans.

However, I was calm throughout. Maybe it was the glass of wine I had beforehand. Or the fact that I am just learning to calm the eff down. I dunno, but it was fine. And I was fine, and Forest was mostly fine (except for the part where he knows we are screwing up even though I am trying with all my might to and maybe kind of even succeeding in keeping it together and happy happy positive time but he still knows we’re screwing up and gets all wormy squirmy and wont let me grab him for a reset).

I was though blowing it on my rate of reinforcement. Being kind of lazy plus stingy as I forgot his treats from home so was feeding him turkey taken off of my dinner salad. I don’t think that helped our cause. Did the mat work though in between goes, he is definitely getting better with that.

So even though it wasnt pretty, I still felt it was a learning experience. Which is good. Right?

I was also excited to find out my friend Cat is also going to be going to her first trial right alongside of us in April. She and her Swap Meet Poodle Alfie (thats what she calls him, I think its funny) will be there with us for the inaugural Mixed Breeds Alongside the “Real Dogs” AKC Match. We agreed it is historic–even if only in a silly dog people history kind of way–and that we should be there for the kick off. She rescues mixed breeds and is a complete blast. Alfie is an amazing little dog. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I get jealous of Alfie sometimes. All dogs have their issues but damn that little dog is just so easy. He is a happy camper bouncy bouncy, never quits, never sniffs, never gets over it. He will sometimes get mad at her and bark and growl as they’re struggling through something, but man he is a good dog.

So anyway, only four more classes ’til the trial! Eeek. And one Fun Match and one Club Practice. I think we’ll be ready. And if not, then hell, we’ll be fine. And calm.