Self-Help Agility Programming…

Last night’s class went well. I do think what I eat and what I do while en route directly affects my state of mind during class, so I am keeping on track with eating a semi-decent meal beforehand–which is always a bit of a feat considering the dash from work and the hour-plus drive–and listening to something mellow on the way down. Right now listening to some semi-hokey self help CDs but whatever, theyre calming if nothing else. Be positive! Change your environment by changing your thoughts! Kinda like the Secret stepped up one notch of reasonableness. A small notch.

Forest was very, very good again. I feel like he has taken such strides in the last two months—even since I started this blog—though again I am learning it has so much to do with my state of mind and managing my own stress levels well.

Our course started off with a pinwheel—which my instructor said many people will think is hard. I thought to myself “Hah. We got this handled, no problem. Wussies.” Well, yeah, at least the first two tries were problems… rocketing off to the AF/table off the first jump. Which I should have seen coming. Forest is addicted to the contact obstacles especially. But I reset him at the right angle and away we went for a really good course. Had the 12 set weaves. Missed the first try but then perfect—note—on my right side. Absolutely zero tunnel issues this week. We did the course again second time—PERFECT. I mean, perfect. I was so proud of him.

Anne revamped the course a bit for run three. The wheels came off just a bit—missed a chute entry (which was angled a little odd), and really struggled with the weaves the other direction—aka on my left. Neither bothered me too much though as every single other dog struggled with the weaves and missed the chute too. So, chalk those up to difficulty and issues I can define. Only real “us” issue was coming down the AF quickly, and staying as I led out. That was new for sure. Need to work on that, and on my left-side weaves.

Overall, big victories last night. I think the mat work helps focus him, he is definitely getting more glued to it and calmer in between his turns.

Pete is up shredding through tomorrow eve so I have the monsters full time on my hands until then. Might leave them at home this AM and see if we can get through it without getting a visit from Animal Control. The two—yeah, count ’em ONE, TWO—times we’ve left them at home for extended periods (as in more than 3 hours) in the last 3 months we’ve gotten bark notices. Both times however my aunt’s dog was here too. And he has a bark they could can and sell to stop criminals in their tracks… Off to the beach to wear them out for a bit and then hope for the best.


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