About as “Un-Agility” as You Can Get

Here I am in New York City. On St. Patrick’s Day. Eek.That was most definitely not planned. At least me wanting to be here on a holiday was not planned. But it happened. Apparently the ‘ol St. Paddy’s day is a really freakin’ big deal here. I had no idea.

I am hopping around town meeting magazine editors for my real job. Some are cool, some not so much. I was waiting in the lobby for one of the “not-so-much” types and got to hear some gems of conversation from junior editors of a huge women’s magazine. It was so pathetically unprofessional I’ll refrain from repeating it. Just bad.

However, it reminds me that the older I get and the more experience I have that the more I realize that most businesses are run and staffed by people no “better” than me—as in not more professional, not more educated, etc. I always play mind games in my head about how poeple who are higher up the food chain or further along in life must somehow be smarter or savvier than I, but I know at the end of the day thats not really the case.

Same for agility. Maybe others have been doing it longer, but I think I have a pretty good handle on it. Agility is the one thing I am truly excited about these days. I am working towards my 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell says it takes to be a true “expert” in anything. Unfortunately my hours are on hold until next Monday.

Until then there will be sirens and subways, Dean & Deluca cupcakes and drunk Irishmen, and probably a few more snotty editors. I heart NY.


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