Thursday Linktastic-ness

I actually am legitimately surfing the intrawebs today for animal sites, doing media research for an upcoming charity event my work is putting on in May. (I had no idea the LA Times has an “Unleashed blog”.  Lots of good stuff on there…) Found a good one from today;

Eeegads on so many levels…

In other news, we are heading out to our first training session with the new trainer tonight. She has a much smaller area than we are used to practicing in so it will be interesting to see how that goes. Sequences instead of full courses… I am feeling kinda zoned out today, hopefully I can perk up pre-class. At least its only a 30 minute drive instead of over an hour!

We also got our confirmation for our first trial! We are official. And it looks like there are a million dogs before us, which is good and bad. I will undoubtedly be having horse show flashbacks with the whole hurry-up-and-wait process that will undoubtedly happen. That’s okay, part of the fun, right? ….right???


4 thoughts on “Thursday Linktastic-ness

  1. Hello! We are very much enjoying reading your blog! Dog shows are much more fun than horse shows because you will be working, no professional management. You do all the work. So there is less hurry up and wait. You will likely be compensated for your hard work by a crummy lunch and a raffle ticket for a chance to win something like a decorative item or fleece item in a paw print design! Keep practicing hard! Good luck with your new trainer!

  2. Thank you! Am I going to Agility Hell if I dont work at the trial I go to? Still figuring that one out.

    And, I suddenly understand all of your posts about disco moves. Wow. A whole new world of handling was shown to me last night. I think my head might explode…

  3. Yes. You will go to agility hell if you do not work at trials. Agility hell is even worse than regular hell. You can set bars. Even setting bars or chute fluffing for 2 classes will keep you out of hell. Please tell this to everyone in the Starters ring. Go work in the Masters ring and you will learn things at the same time, there will be disco moves and you will recognize them. It will be fun!

  4. Hrmmm. I am envisioning Agility Hell to have a lot of incessantly barking Cardigan Welsh Corgis, and middle-aged women in tucked-in t-shirts with sassy dog-related slogans and elastic waistband pants. I do not want to go to there.

    You’ve guilted me into it! For day two anyway. Day One Ever of Agility Trial, I am giving myself one free Get Out of Agility Hell card. Just one.

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