Super-Agility Extravaganza Kick Off Weekend!

Well, extravaganzatastic to me anyway. Yesterday we did Lure Coursing with the little luratic, class tonight and Thursday, our first trial Saturday and Sunday, two more classes, then a UKI trial/match on the following Saturday. Whew.

Note to self: Avoid any trials we want to compete in that have Lure Coursing on site. Our first go last month was probably like the first time one imbibes in a new substance. It may make one feel a little funny, but you arent sure what all the fuss is about. Then the second time, now that you sorta know the drill–WHAMO! Out of your mind.

That’s how Forest was yesterday. This time, the instant that lure fired up and we were on the outside of the course, he started that high-pitched insane dog squeal and started thrashing around like a fish on the line. I took him in for round one, and the girl asked “I cant remember is he fast or medium?” I said I wasnt sure, but the second he took off she said, “Oh yeah, he’s definitely fast!” He was waaay faster this time, which she said was typical. After two runs, he was seriously out of his mind for another hour, even after a cool down walk and being quiet in his crate in the back of the car. However, mission accomplished; he slept in this morning and didnt budge when I snuck out the door for work.

The photog said she got some good shots of him this time, so I hope to have something cool to post up here.

Tonight class at the “first” trainer’s place. She was at the AKC Nationals all weekend, so we’ll hear some good stories I am sure.

I also ended up downloading the Agility iLog app for my iPhone. I think I already love it. Its so simple, menus all right there, totally intuitive on how to navigate around in it. Looking forward to putting it to use over the next few weeks!

And, a news hit on a LA Pet-Store-Turned-Rescue Shop! Good stuff.


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