E.V.I.L., Meet Head Cheese

We are burnt, I think. Or rather he is burnt–Forest that is. Maybe too much agility time in the span of a short ten-twelve days or so.

Yesterday at the UKI Match (fun, flowy courses–we Q’ed in Steeplechase and got 2nd by 3/10 of a second to one of our classmates–yay!) the final straw was the whistle in Gamblers. I knew something was off as soon as we went toward the ring, and quickly figured out it was the whistle freaking him out. He’ll get wiggy-spacey at times, but not scaredy dog freaked out. Worries about making enough points to go on to the Gamble quickly went away and I was more worried about flat out melt down drama. It thankfully didnt get that bad, but he was running the obstacles with his tail tucked between his legs. Poor guy. At the Gamble whistle (which we definitely didnt make the points for, so why did they blow it? I dont really know the rules…), he stopped dead in his tracks. At that point I went and scooped him up seeing no reason to prolong the torture.

He also decided yesterday morning that he hates the weaves at home. HATES. As in will not go near them. Like I-Have-Never-Done-These-Before-WTF? He was fine at the trial yesterday, but Home Weaves Are Evil, apparently. Awesome. I really hope this doesnt translate elseswhere and that this is a phase. Really, really hoping.

In an effort to overcome the Whistle-Fear and Weaves-Hatred, I bought the stinkiest thing the deli guys could find for me today–Head Cheese. I was hoping for some tripe, but that was a no go. The first meat counter guy looked at me like I was a freak so we moved on. Over at the deli section, a slightly odd but very enthusiastic guy was more than happy to help me find the most pungent, funky thing they had to offer–with the criteria that it freezes decent and I could chop it into little bits.

The Head Cheese went over well, but not well enough to get him to do the Evil Weaves today. Thats okay. I think. I gave up and decided to take them to the dog park instead so they could have some dog time. (He wouldnt weave for the Head Cheese, but then was following me around the house all morning crawling all over me. I determined we needed to exorcise the demons somehow.)

We’ll take a break from weaving at hoome for a few days then hope for the best. After tomorrow he’ll get massive agility vacay for over a week as we’ll be out of town and he and Diego will be shipped off to the Grandparents’ house. There they basically run amok and do whatever the hell they want, no holds barred. Always fun bringing them back down to reality after being there (you mean I cant jump up in your face and sleep on your pillow and counter-surf at home?!?!?), but hopefully he’ll be a little more ready to work…



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