Latest Thursday Linktasticness

What is it about Thursdays that make me particularly useless? And or make my brain go into dog-training-info-seeking-overdrive? My chain of internet wanderings from the bottom up…

Oh, and not part of today’s time-wasters (well not really “wasters” I’m learning stuff, dammit!) but been meaning to post this one for a while: old NYT article on designer dog breeding.

We are hopping in the car shortly to shuttle the dogs off to the Inland Empire for their vacation and our ski trip. Semi-ready for a break, but already looking forward to getting back at training after some time off…

Tried to very nicely talk my co-worker today into ditching her plans for a shock collar and working on Doggie Zen and some “interruption” cues instead… Her massive Golden has serious, serious vacuum issues. He has lately eaten plastic food wrappers, corn cobs, athletic tape, his dog toys… Its going to come back and bite her -hard- one of these days (bad pun, sorry). But I totally sympathize with her plight. We have the same problem though our dogs’ by default-smaller mouths seem to somewhat limit what they hoover. Sent her some Doggy Zen guidelines from DragonflyLlama, hopefully she takes them the right way…

Happy Weekend.


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