Astounding Local Dog Abuse Case–Warning–Serious Dropping of F-Bombs!!!

A horrid, horrid animal abuse story has hit the local papers, tv and online sites in OC. A German Shepherd was chained in a backyard for an estimated 5 weeks without food or water. Last week someone got into the yard and took the dog away and surrendered it. The dog was so emaciated he weighed 37 pounds (an adult male GSD should weigh 70-80lbs), had a stomach full of rocks and dirt, and could not lift his head. He is currently in good care and is slowly gaining back weight and according to the photos and videos I’ve seen, seems like a really nice guy despite all he has been through.

Today they arrested his “owner.” She is a 26 year old woman, with a young child. Bad enough right? Wrong. She is a VET TECH. No, you didnt read that wrong. She WORKS at a VETERINARY HOSPITAL.




I cant even begin to describe the rage I am feeling right now. Horrified. Disgusted. So fucking angry doesn’t even come close. I hope she gets the absolute maximum sentence, plus many more years for good measure. And can CPS come pick up the kid, like, NOW?

Here’s the story which I am sure will keep evolving as Courage gets better and she goes to trial.

Added: this could be a great jumping off point for California’s Proposed Animal Abusers Registry? How effective that could be, I do not know, but not sure that it would hurt either… Hopefully at the very least would keep sick fucks like this woman from getting a job at an animal clinic?


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