Controlled Chaos

Gah. That’s my excuse for being a bad blogger. A week of controlled chaos. Silly stupid I-have-to-pay-attention-to-my-life things have socked me up this week. And it’s going to continue for the next few weeks it seems.

Until we make our escape out to the desert in Joshua Tree where we can unplug for a bit. Actually, sadly, last night I was thinking how many of my little “projects” I could catch up on while out on “vacation”, but no, not allowed! Maybe some dog blogging and dog training and reading books about those types of things but that’s about it. That’s allowed because it falls in the “fun” category. Finishing the recipe book I promised my family last Christmas = Not Fun.

_ The Mustang Cabin is where we are heading in a few weeks. Dog friendly and remote. Sweet. _

We made it to class last night. Forest was good, but sniffy. One thing I dont like about the place we’ve been training for the last month-ish is that she lets dogs “go” in the yard. Thats all fine as I dont get yelled at when Forest marks on something, but not when we’re trying to run a course and he stops and sniffs. If it was my yard, I’d not be so lax (but I have also been referred to as uptight). So… working on the focus and not-sniffing. I tell myself that at trials there doesnt tend to be dog pee and treats scattered throughout the course–usually–so hopefully we’ll be okay.

We also did Rattlesnake Aversion Training last weekend. It was traumatic for everyone. I will probably post about it in more detail at some point, but not now. I am still trying to wrap my head around it.

I have to work all day tomorrow (Saturday)—boo. Then we are heading up to north LA for some Fun Running and Lure Coursing. The trial the following weekend is in the same place so I thought it’d be a good chance to warm up in that environment. Though I am a little wary of getting him too hopped up in Lure Coursing so that when we go next weekend he is thinking about that? I am seriously considering setting up camp faaaar away from the course for agility, then at the end of the Fun Match literally packing him back up in the car, driving around the parking lot a bit, then parking over near the course. Is that insane? Am I an insane crazy dog lady? Sigh.

I will let you know on Monday.


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