Pierre, Trial, Ocean View R+ Sustainable Farming

This is Pierre. His true personality is coming out. He is pushy and bossy, but just because he doesn’t know any better. Found out from the rescue yesterday that he was on the kill list out in San Bernadino with a really bad upper respiratory infection. They pulled him last fall and he has been with them ever since (at least 6 months, maybe more, crated/kenneled most of that time). No wonder he’s pushy, he’s not used to having access to resources… So, hell yeah he’s gonna get excited about the world and food and snuggling and jumping on couches.

Reminds me of the girl I was friends with in high school whose mom sewed her daughters Mary-of-the-prairie dresses (they lived in a big house in the suburbs, they could afford clothing for their kids) and made them be home by 8pm and basically had all the kids on an insanely tight leash. When this girl went to college she went completely berserkers. Partying, drugs, mayhem. Unleashing the beast and all…

So, Pierre is working on doggie zen/its yer choice/leave it aka “self control”. He is a quicker study than my other dogs, and really intense. Its been a lot having three dogs (plus my aunt’s dog Buster zooming in and out) at the house. Makes me realize my dogs are only moderately well-trained… My aunt left to care for my grandfather for the week, taking Pierre and Buster with her. I hope it goes okay. I also hope that five days of no training is okay. She’s good with her dogs and just kind of lets them roll on their own program, maybe it will be good for him to be a freewheeling pup for a few days.

Forest, Head Cheerleader Diego and I will be heading out to our second AKC trial tomorrow up in North LA. Forest was good in practice last night. Definitely some sniffing and distraction issues, but we worked through it okay. The weather is looking to be a bit cooler than last weekend, so that should work in our favor. He has about a 15-degree comfort range…

I will be spending Saturday night with one of my all-time BFFs Ali at her place. Ali is a horse trainer by trade, and a good one at that. Shes not high-profile, but she’s really good with her students, and I’ve watched her over the years turn some pretty mediocre horses into really nice ones. We met at Santa Cruz in the art department and bonded over our love of horses and dislike of precocious art students. We’ve been having fun talking about clicker training and how to apply it to horses. Maybe one say we’ll have a combo-dog-and-horse-mega-R+-training facility. People will surely pay us gobs of money to control their unruly beasts, all on a 100 acre ranch overlooking the ocean. With chickens and sustainable veggies. I’ve got it all planned out…

Rambly rambly post. Hope Forest is happy happy agility dog this weekend. And if not, we have three days to detox out in Joshua Tree. Looking forward to it.


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