Trial Desert

We made it through this weekend’s trial, which was our second AKC event. And somehow, somehow, even though none of our runs were especially pretty, we got four Qs. Four. Out of four. I am still shocked. We had wrong courses in both Standard runs and some judge distraction in JWW, yet it still worked out. I guess that means we are in the right place, training-wise, for the level we are at. We are now titled in Standard (I think) and just need one more JWW to move up to Open there. Crazy talk.

I tried really hard not to get him out too early before classes—though being by myself, having to park far away, and there not being a lot of dogs in the smaller height classes definitely pushed my time management and coordination skills. Also on Sunday I went to the store beforehand to get some new novel treats—string cheese, pre-cooked bacon—and that seemed to help too. Maybe those will be my trial-only treats as he seemed pretty ga ga over them. (Plus I wouldn’t eat pre-cooked bacon myself so don’t really want him having too much anyways).

So now we are out in Joshua Tree. The cabin is perfect, a decor mix of mid-century meets vintage western. Too cute. We are out on the porch now, watching birds, drinking coffee, and laying in the sun. Diego is having grand time ambling around the flora and fauna. Forest unfortunately is contained to his long lead but still seems happy enough.

Here all day today and tomorrow with a goal of doing not a whole lot. Maybe a few hikes, but that’s the extent of it.

Yay desert. Yay Forest. Yay Diego for being the easiest dog ever.


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