Officially Obsessed…

Besides agility of course. We are back from the desert and I have spent as much time looking up big lots with little shacks on Realtor dot com—$100,000 for a thrashed 1 Bed 1 Bath on 2+ acres, seriously—as I have playing catch up at work. I am desert dreaming… for a $600 mortgage I could have a shack with a few acres, work at a bar, paint some stuff and probably sell it (if the small sampling of art I saw was any indication), and/or build a gourmet restaraunt with my 5 star chef sister. That would be open on Tuesdays, and past 8pm every night… I am envisioning the possibilities. Lots of room for dog agility too, though the drive to trials could get tough.

However, Diego would definitely have to be moved up to house-dog-only status, he had a run in with a Cholla cactus that was a near disaster…. Our “little fat kid” isnt so outdoorsy. He was all hopped up and full of himself chasing a jack rabbit and ran right through a cactus patch. Oh Diego.

Some more (bad iPhone) pics…

This is where I was camped out 80% of the time. They had a couch out there and I just sat and drank coffee/wine and watched the hummingbirds and the dogs poking around. It was my favorite part of the trip.

Pete posing with some burnt Joshua Trees. We took our longest hike through a pretty big burn area. Not really on purpose, we may have skipped it if we had known, but it was cool.

This was Forest’s spot. Wrapped in his sleeping bag, he loved this rocker.

Sunrise shot from 5:30am this morning. We left then and still got stuck in IE/OC traffic… Back to reality.


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