Break Time

So… I’ve calmed down. Somewhat. In between spazzing out at foster dogs eating my favorite sandals and cleaning up after darling cousin dogs marking all over my house. Everyone is all nestled up in their crate right now, we all needed some “apart time” to diffuse the chaos.

I couldn’t contain myself to wait a full 24 hours to write to NT (New Trainer) about my freakout, but I did try very hard to not sound like a total freak OCD crazy dog lady. She wrote me back a note saying yes she agrees that I get overwhelmed, but that I am okay staying in the class I am in. And that if I can swing it, some private lessons with her, or seminars with other specific trainers would be a good idea too. I agree. *Big breath.*

We dont have class next week due to the holiday, which I think is actually a good thing. Some time off to breathe and not obsess about agility, or behavior, or whatever. I am going back to basics with all three dogs, and will be focusing on managing everyone. Just having everyone quietly crated this AM when I left the house was something of a relief. Usually they are like a pack of wild monkeys loose out in the courtyard trying to crawl under the gate as I leave them (forever this time!!!). It was probably nice for them too.

In other not so good news, my coworker’s gorgeous-but-doofy Golden got into antifreeze—or some derivative thereof—while here at work yesterday. He is currently at the vet in dialysis, working on beefing up his already existing $6,000 vet bill. Ooof. He is as bad as my dogs in eating everything in his path, but we cannot for the life of us figure out what he found/ate. We have scoured the parking lot and suspect areas, but no obvious puddles that we can figure out. We did have the mobile car wash people here yesterday… Could they have used some products that he lapped up? Fortunately my dogs are contained and not wandering when they are here with me, but that still freaks me out, and I feel absolutely horrible for her. Thinking healthy thoughts for Elmo…

And calming, positive thoughts for Casa de Chaos.


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