Thursday Linktasticness

Links of note:

  • Hey there USDA! Welcome to the party! It only took you a few years of internal investigating to find out what most of us already knew! Puppy mills are seriously effed up, and the government turns a blind eye…
  • Raised by Wolves breaks down the USDA report in detail, including noting that the fine worksheet for violators had a glitch that actually lessened the amount they were fined. Geniuses. ** Beware, graphic images on her post.
  • This post from Smartdogs’ blog was very helpful to me this week in dealing with foster dog drama.

Speaking of, no one gets to play with toys or bones in the same room as Pierre any more. Last night’s scuffle ended in Diego with a minor eyelid tear. Sorry guys, I am still learning how to be a good foster mom… Crates and NILIF are our friends at the moment.

Have a private lesson with NT next week. I was worried after looking at her site that there was no way I’d be able to afford it, but she gave me a very good deal since we are already enrolled in classes, so I think we may actually be able to do it regularly once or twice a month. Looking forward to it…


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