Linktastic Plus a Quick Update

I have been neck deep in the intranetz the last few days digging for stuff. Working on another post, but these are some gems I have found in the mean time. Enjoy.

I need to work on this: training with distractions.

A great post by a Best Friends employee on how the rescue community needs to work with responsible breeders. Agreed.

Good article from the Bark a few issues back that I read when it came out, then went back and reread recently. A No-Kill Nation?

Experience of one shelter volunteer who lived through the transition of a high kill facility to No Kill. An understudy of Nathan Winograd. Interesting story.

Sorting through the reality vs. “myth” of pet overpopulation. (I still cant make heads or tails of it.)

From Yes Biscuit!; Ten things in dog food to avoid.

And because this is supposed to be a blog about agility after all, an update on Forest… On Monday night group class he was a star. He was the happiest I have ever seen him in a class environment. Laurie got the idea to put the string cheese on a line, that was genius. He was so pumped. She was even impressed, “We went from no tugging to tugging in a week!” I think he may actually have even been enjoying himself. Big win.

Hoping to make it to a Fun Match this Saturday, more for the practice ring than the course! Just have to balance that with getting Pierre to the adoption event as well. If push comes to shove, Pierre will win, we’ve gotta find him a home. Pete and I love him and think he is fantastic. Diego, however, is getting worse with him. They got in another brawl yesterday, luckily my aunt was here to break it up. I made sure to not leave any value items around (bones, toys, etc), but I guess the beds became the catalyst instead. Previously we thought it was Pierre instigating—but now we know its little D who gets all up in his grill, and then it escalates. Somehow Diego always is the one who ends up getting his ass kicked. You’d think maybe he’d let it go? Sigh.

Can’t we just all get along?

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