Our Routine

Every morning I have this little routine of shuffling dogs around before I go to work. Who stays, who goes, occasionally who gets crated. At some point I have to put my shoes on. Sometimes I’ll try to sneak out, which means the pack is elsewhere and I ever-so-quietly put my shoes on and sneak out before anyone notices. Other days, or most days really, they are all there bouncing and yowling and teeth-fencing, hoping-wishing-praying that they all get to go with me, wherever this wondrous place that I am going is.

I sit down on the stairs with my socks and shoes. My new trainer Laurie, wants me to encourage Forest to be naughty and not so polite. I am trying to comply, but it sure doesnt make my household goings on any easier. Forest is grabbing at my socks, getting one away from me and I am trying not to get in a tug of war with him while also not discouraging him to tug (?!?). Diego is gurgling and banging into my legs, or maybe crawling up my shins with his not-so-delicate toenails. Pierre is stationed behind me on a higher stair, looking over my shoulder at all the chaos. I get one sock on and Forest starts gnawing on the sock with my foot in it. Pierre decides this looks like fun and snakes around from behind into my lap. Forest now is in my lap as well, and an all out teeth-bashing-meowling-fest is breaks out six inches from my face. Diego cannot let anyone else have fun on his watch, so he starts barking and growling and getting all huffy. During all this I somehow manage to get the other sock and the shoes on. I stand up, displacing various dog bodies, and get ready to tackle the next challenge, getting out the door…

In Pierre news, we met his first suitor the other night. He was pretty young, but very enthusiastic. This is going to be a tough one, the other couple that wants him is pretty young too. Supposed to meet up with them this weekend when we are trialing down in San Diego, so we’ll see how it goes. He just gets better and better at our place, its going to be hard to let him go. However, the allure of having one less dog to take care of is pretty enticing as well!

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