I really, really want to go to this trial up in Mammoth in August. Combo’ing one of my fave places on earth with my new found obsession* of dog agility? Home run, right?

However, quite a few obstacles exist in the way of making this one happen.
. First of all, NADAC. WTF? I don’t even know where to begin. 27 classes in a day which may or may not involve things to climb on or “hoopers” or extra weaves (god forbid), or random games and rules of which I know nothing. Sweet baby jeebus. I like predictability and structure and throwing my money at old, archaic “dog racist” institutions. NADAC sounds like a bunch of free-thinking hippies. Not to mention, I am not a member. Memberships, height cards, all that extra jazz. Hmmm.

. Secondly, the traveling part. Actually, I have only been to one trial yet which did not involve traveling and spending the night away from home in some capacity (albeit only being an hour away in any which direction). This trial would involve a fairly elaborate itinerary including a 6+ hour drive each way (assuming we dont hit traffic and/or drive at acceptable velocities). And a hotel. And, realistically taking a day off from work on one end or the other. That ultimately may be the deal killer. I have two weddings to go to in October, which will be sucking up any few remaining vacation hours and extra funds I may manage to accumulate in the meantime, not to mention the annual September family backpacking trip which could get booted in favor of dog agility.**

. Thirdly, would that just be too much to ask of Forest? Drive in car a million hours, spend night in hotel, then perform for a day or two, then back into the car for another million hours? Or, is it a good test/proof of our agility skillz? Hmmm…

But, agility, in the Sierras? I mean come on, it doesnt get much cooler than that. And it only comes around once a year… what to do, what to do… Maybe it will just hinge on whether or not I can talk Pete into it. I just poo-pooed going up there for the 4th of July, then turned around and said guess where there is a trial?!?!? Its any wonder he is still hanging around with me. One of these days he may just pack up and take his dog with him, then, I will be in trouble.***


* Sorry snowboarding, you got kicked down the totem pole by badly sloganed tees and floppy-brimmed sun hats. I bought my pass, but we’ll see if next season’s showing is as pathetic as my last…
** My family currently thinks I am sliding into an inescapable crazy dog lady crevasse. Should I confirm or deny?
*** Technically, Forest is dog of Pete. Yep. Not even my dog… Really.


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