Unagility Trials

I learned a lot over the last week or so, most of it not having to do with dogs or agility…

– I learned that some parents will never stop parenting, even when their children are well into middle age. And that at some point, middle-aged kid has to say “enough”.
– I learned that Forest really, really likes lamb, especially when it is baited at the end of the dog walk for him to run to. “Super Speed Dog Walk”- brought to you by Lamb Chunks!
– I learned (again) that I am lucky to have a very down to earth family and sisters, and that our micro-dramas are nothing more than micro and silly.
– I learned that other people really do have a penchant for drama, even though they are 30 (or 40, or beyond). And that maybe that’s something you never really grow out of. Unfortunately.
– I learned that a cat can hiss and not actually be upset (assuming that a hiss while also being in a completely relaxed posture, no struggling, teeth or claws bared, means he’s just testing the waters or working for effect)
– I learned that some people think its okay/normal to take their 6 pound Chihuahua shopping in public stores, wandering unleashed and unsupervised, all over town without concern of the dog’s location or actions (Pete and I both separately encountered this women in 2 different places around town. We think she’s incredibly arrogant or incredibly stupid, we don’t know which.)
– I learned that Charlie Bear treats in excess are not good for two dogs whose owner has decided recently switch them over to an almost all protein–almost zero carb diet (sorry guys!).
– I learned that sometimes in life, you just gotta throw in the towel and walk away. Relationships are important, especially long-standing ones, but you gotta look out for your own sanity first. If its not working for you, its probably not working for anyone.
– I confirmed that regardless of what happens when I am there, I really, really, really am enamored with Palm Springs. My heart does flip flops when I drive around town there and I catch myself repeating over and over “I love it here I love it here I love it here I love it here…”. I have a desert problem.
– I learned that eggs left to boil on the stove in my favorite vintage enamel pot for an hour will actually explode once all the water is gone. And they smell like burnt hair. Charming.

Class tonight.


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