Fashion, I Quit You. (aka–an Unagility Post that May or May Not Tie Back to Agility)

So I use a website called bloglovin’ to keep up on the majority of my blog readings. It doesn’t work seamlessly 100% of the time, but for the most part, its pretty cool. I have about 25 blogs or so feeding into there, and all I have to do throughout the day (or maybe more like at least 56 times a day), is hit the refresh button and a brand new batch of mostly-dog-centric goodness appears before me to devour. Its like an RSS feed but prettier.

Judging by the home page and their featured blogs, bloglovin’ seems primarily to be used by fashion bloggers, plus a healthy amount of cooking and home sites as well. I love all of that stuff and in my past lives spent probably the same amount of hours trolling those sites as I do now with the dog blogs. I even have a smattering of style sites in my list that spits out new posts. However, in my use of bloglovin’ I have noticed what seems to be a new phenomenon. These are not the fashion bloggers a la New York magazine in which they detail every outfit that came down the Lanvin runway at the Spring shows, but instead, they are along the vein of “look at me I am SO achingly fashionable that I take pictures of myself in new outfits multiple times a day and post them and detail exactly what 16 items and brands of clothing and jewelry I am wearing”. Seriously. These things are apparently a dime a dozen. They get the most “favorited” on the aggregated site and seem to have a LOT of followers. I get the whole “real people’s movement” and DIY and all that, but c’mon. And the ones that are the most favorited are the ones wearing the Alexander Wang leather shorts, platform Prada shooties, and a Chanel headpiece. Something about the self-absorption and corresponding fawning makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Maybe I spend a lot more than the average person on things like food-dispensing tug toys and collapsible crates, but I still dont think I could afford a Chanel headpiece even if all my dog expenses disappeared tomorrow. And I am hardly poor. Who are these 100lb 20-something year-olds with pockets deep enough to laze around at hipster coffee shops and clubs wearing Marc Jacobs and toting a $1500 camera?

Then again, maybe its not any different than what I do. Chronicling every obstacle and every training class, every mood swing of my neurotic pound puppies could be seen as just as self absorbed. Minus the glam factor and bank accounts, with a lot more poop and cut up hot dogs thrown in.

Fashion in its varying levels will always be of interest to me, but I think I am growing out of it. Or maybe I am at least transitioning.  I did spend too much money on some designer-ish running shoes and fancy workout pants specifically for agility use. And I feel fairly confident in saying I wont ever commission a t-shirt that has my dogs’ photo on it. But, I did buy a straw, huge-brimmed old lady visor at the supermarket a few days ago that looked awfully practical.


Hooray for agility. I know no matter what, even in my darkest hour, I know I will never be the least fashionable one out there. And I thank you for that.

2 thoughts on “Fashion, I Quit You. (aka–an Unagility Post that May or May Not Tie Back to Agility)

  1. Be very careful. I started that slippery slide a way back. It started with a ballcap. Gore-tex sneakers. There was the skort dilemma. Personally, I may have gone over to the dark side. There’s this over 40 weight gain that happens. I was warned. I didn’t believe. I will not confirm either way, but there may be a synthetic, spf garment in my wardrobe now. And once you get to that downward slide, the certainty of never being least fashionable one out there may turn tenuous.

  2. Well I am already over the apex and gathering speed down that slope.

    Yet, I dunno, I think as long as one is aware of the situation, it always means you may be one (small) step ahead of the completely unconscious. Maybe. And I will swear on my life I will never, ever wear those Five Fingered shoes.

    Then again I may have said that about jean jackets, leggings and a whole host of other clothing items as well. Sigh.

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