Sketches, Motivation and Goals

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

I stumbled across the Sketchbook Project last week while blog browsing. I think I clicked on it mainly because the graphic was so cool, which was weird in and of itself–I am a marketing/advertising person and it is a rare day I click on something that is obviously an ad. But, turns out, its a very cool concept. Pick your theme, send in $25, get a blank sketchbook that has a bar code with your name on it, fill it up by Jan 15th, send it back and have it included with all the others in a traveling art exhibition. Now I have not been an “artist” since I graduated college over a decade ago, but I thought it was a fun concept and hoped it would motivate me into some drawing. My theme is “day in the life,” which will make it pretty easy for me to pick subjects. I am good at sleeping dogs, flowers, still life type things. Boring probably, but hey, I am good at boring.

In other motivation news, I have officially started training Diego with competing in a Rally trial in mind. There’s actually a fun match down south next weekend, which is probably waaaay too early for us, but, we’ll see. I figure as long as I can have treats on me, we’ll muddle through it. He is SO happy to play along, and I think for him at this point, any one-on-one attention helps improve his self esteem. He is such a sensitive, dramatic little weirdo… I am still figuring him out after three years.

We have our “beach trial” this weekend, only 7 miles from our house!!! Woot! So that will be nice. Not that we’re necessarily ready, but whatever. I also am being a good girl (*ahem*) and am doing some volunteering. Two timing jobs and getting the coffee to the trial by 7am both days. I figure no one can hate the coffee person as long as they show up on time! Plus I figure that way I can pack the car, get and deliver coffee, set my crap up, then go home and get Forest or have Pete deliver him when its closer to our go time. He does not do well sitting at a trial all day so the proximity makes it a little easier. Laurie will also be there and said to be sure to let her know when we were going. Hooray for trainer support.

We are doing FAST on Saturday only. I dont think they have a whistle, right? I hope not. After our UKI whistle meltdown, I’ll pull him from the class before I make him live through the screaming terror that is the judge’s whistle again…

Also been working on 2x2s at home with Forest, its been going well. We’ll see if it helps this weekend or not, hard to say.

Wish us luck…

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