I am getting ready for our first-ever true away-from-home agility trial. Well sort of. We have been lucky enough to have friends and family houses to crash at before overnight, but this will be our first “big kids staying in a hotel alls by ourselves” type trial. We’ll see how it goes.

We are heading up to Camarillo tomorrow AM. I heard a screechy weather report yesterday that made my heart sink–saying we will be having a miserable heatwave, “crank up your AC!!!!” But when I just checked, it only said highs in the 80s. While also issuing multiple Weather Alerts about how hot it will be. I dunno, maybe this joint is close enough to the coast that we’ll be okay. Fingers crossed. 80’s we can do. If it gets into the 90’s we’re screwed. Forest will meltdown literally…

I was just all chirpy yesterday about it being fall and hoping that the weather will get back on track where its “supposed to be”, but I dont know if we even know what that is anymore.

Forest was sooooo good in class on Monday. So good in fact that other than our first sequence we nailed our goes on the first try and then quit. Good to quit on a high note, not so good for wearing out the dog or getting me to really understand what I am doing. However we did some fairly tricky wraparound and serpentine type deals, and we did really well. I think the Jennifer Crank stuff helped immensely.

Weaves were okay. Took a few tries first sequence, then got them perfectly on the last. Its a mystery to me. Contacts were perfect, keep him at 2-o-2-o to keep things under control for the trial.

So. I think we are ready. Looking forward to our road trip this weekend. Too bad I dont have one of these to stay in instead of the Vagabond Inn! Someday.


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