There’s a First Time For Everything…

…and this weekend’s first was that we were 0 for 4!!! Woot. AND, we did not get ONE, not one, single set of weaves all weekend! Hip hip hooray! But after stewing and brewing on the sticky 2 hour drive home yesterday, I’ve decided to dwell on the positive.

– We did have probably the nicest JWW run we’ve ever had. I dont know what my deal is with JWW—probably that its non-stop and I never have that half-second of regroup time on a contact or a table to reset my brain. Think on your feet woman!!! We blew the weaves, retried, still blew them but just I kept going. The opening had a tough front cross-to small send-to front/rear cross sequence, and I have to say I think I handled it really well. It was pretty tight, and Forest is so athletic as long as he knows what I want he can mange just about anything. We ran well enough that one of the jump setters told me after the fact that that was a really nice run. Thanks jump setter guy, you have no idea how badly I needed that!!! I really think the Jenn Crank seminar did wonders for my handling confidence.

– Forest handled the heat relatively well. It must have been mid-to-high 80’s but he never really checked out on me or shut down. I was vigilant about keeping him in the shade, and I was constantly wetting him down with ice water. We went through my frozen cottage cheese cups of water on day one, but thanks to the hotel, we came back on day two with ice machine offerings that worked out just as well. He definitely was not revved up before we went in—he was focused, but not revved—and I think that was due to the heat. However, again, he stayed with me 90% of the time and that was huge.

– I did my first go as gate steward, and if I do say so myself, I rocked it. I have no fear of being the uber-organized-demanding-get-your-butt-over-here-boss-lady. In a nice way. No one got upset with me, so I must have not been too mean. Or if I was, they didnt tell me to my face! One of the show organizers came over and said “man, you guys are movin’ over here.” I took the credit, telling her about my whip cracking ways. She laughed and said, thats how you do it! So maybe I will be in Open forever, but I will have a job as a ring steward.

So, it was a productive weekend, even if it wasnt the most glory-filled. Small victories, a fun adventure on our own, a few pounds lost through sweat. We have an insane October on our plate, none of which includes agility. I will need to get creative, and disciplined, to keep things on track. Laurie has a weaves rehab class, but I am not sure if/when we’ll even be able to make it. The two weddings, one in Hawaii, over the next three weeks are going to put a serious cramp in my training. No more trialing, again, until November. Ergh. I hope someday we can get trialing on a consistent basis, but that whole real life thing keeps getting in the way. And it could get worse before it gets better; its looking likely I may get a new job. Which is awesome in the greater scheme of things but again, maybe not so much for agility. We shall see.

Another one on the books.


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