Quickie Con Chaos

This month is crazy. One wedding down, another one to go. Final job interview on Thursday. Out and back in one day to Vegas for a work thing (which will be agonizing…) on Friday. So, not much dog stuff going on. Unfortunately.

We had one class last night before Laurie heads out for the USDAA games in Kentucky. Forest did well, my handling left something to be desired, but we were doing some tougher courses. Overall it went fine, neither here nor there. Worked a bit more on weaves and me driving them right to them, which made sense. He needs his hand held, so thats what I need to do. At least for now.

That’s about it. We found out we are getting booted out of our squatter pad in six months, which means I am already starting to freak and look for a house now. I dream of a backyard. Doesnt even need to be nice. Just big with a fence with no holes. I am a yard work addict, so no problems there. I/we can’t technically afford more than a one bedroom condo, but if new job happens it could definitely become more doable. I have already mentally checked out at work, which I realize is a massive no-no, especially as I dont have the new gig locked in yet. But, whatever. I will learn my lesson if it is due to be learned.

In the meantime, look at the fabric options I am considering for Forest and Diego’s matching crate covers!

Boredom begets brilliance… Right????


2 thoughts on “Quickie Con Chaos

  1. Love the fabrics! Especially the top row, and the first two on the bottom row, from the left. I am moving to a new dept in the hospital that I work in, and its like I am just going through the motions in the old unit that I have 2 more days in…so I know what you mean!

  2. Thanks! I was/am an aspiring interior designer without an outlet, so, my dogs get to benefit from that scenario seeing as all I can afford to do is a few crate covers.

    RE the job, yeah. I am jealous of your only two days! I’ve learned that no job is perfect, there are always issues no matter where you are. But, if the maturity/professionalism level alone is as it appears from the outside, compared to what I have now, I cant possibly jump fast enough… I am drowning in boredom and apathy. Not a good sitch for me to be in, for anyone involved!

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