Thursday Linktasticness

I am about headed out the door for my last dog-and-pony show with potential new employers. Keep your fingers crossed for me, this will be such a step up, if in no way other than working for and with not only rational, but just really nice, people.

So, here’s some linktasticness I have been hoarding up.

The AKC continues to make me want to slam my head against my desk. And yet I give them money. Why, oh why can we not have more USDAA trials in So Cal? Maybe I’ll have to start driving…

A nice story on Michael Vick’s Ex-Pitts on the mend, from NPR’s Fresh Air. A new book is out just last week called “The Lost Dogs” and it is getting crazy amounts of press, as it should.

Ian Dunbar’s Puppy plan, keeping this one for future reference. He’s actually giving a seminar right up the way in Irvine in only a few weeks which I wanted to go to. But there is also a trial that weekend. Guess which won? Sorry Mr. Dunbar.

This is old, but still pretty cool; dog park fashion in LA.

And, this is another “old news” item, and not so dog-related, but man, if this guy can train a parrot to do this, I can train Forest to do weaves. I am not a bird person, yet this cracks me up every time I watch it.

Happy weekend!!!


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