Its Official…

…I am crazy. As in quit-my-job crazy. I couldn’t, just couldn’t, keep doing it. It’s not fair to my own personal and mental health, and it isn’t fair to them for me to be sitting there—reading dog blogs and writing my own blog and occasionally banging out a work bit here and there—and collecting a paycheck.

I had a very good, grown-up girl job lead that was red, red hot, like they took me and the Mister out to dinner with the whole team hot, and then… It has been radio silent. No news is good news, right? Erm, not so right.

And then, in the depths of my annoyance and drowning in work misery last Friday, I had a most unexpected offer. So not even close to what I was thinking was realistic, and yet exactly what I have been wanting. Its not official-official, and its possible still that the big girl job could materialize, but I am leaning toward this possibility of total awesomeness. Which might just be interesting to you, my three dear readers, as well. Lets just say it would provide more blog fodder. Or even warrant a blog of its very own.

So, sit tight. Things could get very interesting here in the next week or so.

Trial this weekend! Hooray!


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