Next Chapter

And so. Things are going to be quite different around here. As of Monday, I will be leaving my position as Communications Director in the Sports/Fashion Industry, and starting as an Apprenticing Dog Trainer and marketer for Laurie Zurborg and Wags and Wiggles. Wow.

How did that happen? In some ways, I am still not quite sure. I’ve liked Laurie’s methods and training style since I started with her six months ago. What I liked most was the awareness of and consideration for behavioral issues in addition to just “training agility.” I also immediately noticed that her business was thriving with two large boarding, training and day care facilities in Orange County. I was impressed to meet someone that not only “got” dogs, but also had good business sense as well.

I meant to ask for months about her apprenticeship program in which aspiring trainers enroll into an extensive three part apprenticeship, working towards achieving their CPDT certification. But, I waited as I didnt know when, or how, I was going to be able to commit the time needed.

When I finally hit the wall last week and knew I was going to leave my job but wasnt sure when exactly or what would happen afterward, I asked her on Friday morning to tell me more about the program. She said, “Funny you should ask…”

She is in need of another full time trainer, and apparently has had her eye on me as a prospect. She also wants marketing help as she currently takes care of all of it herself, and needs to take it off her plate. So, in short order, we devised a plan that will allow me to go through the apprenticeship program while also supporting her marketing needs. Things will start out heavier on the marketing side, but by next Spring, she expects me to be pretty much up and running as a full time trainer.

I will be working with their day care, boarding, and “boot camp” dogs on basic behavioral training to start, and working towards teaching classes, apprenticing and ultimately getting certified so I can teach privates, etc.

Totally crazy. So, I am really, really excited. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while, and it just landed in my lap at honestly, a really good time. My family for the most part is less than enthused (and I am putting off telling my dad because I know he is going to think I am nuts), but my friends have been wonderfully supportive. I am so lucky to have lovely, creative, and big-thinking friends who know that this is an opportunity that I can’t pass up. And honestly, that why I took it. If I stayed on my current path, even if that is more financially secure, I know I would always regret not taking this opportunity. And Diego and Forest aren’t complaining either.

So here I am. I start Monday. A very sudden change of course, but I am ready.


9 thoughts on “Next Chapter

    • Thank you Crystal! I just stumbled into the right person at the right place at the right time, it was 99% out of my control (which is a good experience for my control freak self).

      I know you would be a perfect candidate for a program like this, are there any similar programs near you? You’re in the Great Lakes (ish) area, correct?

  1. Yes, they do. But, don’t forget that you also have done an amazing job with your blog. I think that will do more for your potential opportunities than you may realize. Keep it up, I know it will pay off for you in unexpected ways.

    And I will keep sending “find Crystal dog opportunities” your way… 🙂

  2. I think that is wonderful news for you!! And, I am very jealous as well. Sometimes, things just fall into place don’t they. I’ve been joking to friends and my mom for the past year that if I ever can’t do nursing anymore, that I would definitely get into dog training as my third career.

    Again, congrats and I can’t wait to read all about it!

  3. Thank you Terri! My sister and her husband are both nurses, and the stories they tell… I personally would not have the stomach, or patience, to do it, I know that! I am impressed by anyone who can do it, and even more so whose who do it well.

  4. I think this sounds incredible! What a blessing!! Who cares if everyone isn’t fully clear on what it is. It’s what you want! That’s why I am here. I want this to be an opportunity for writing and my personal side as much as anything else. I am excited we are wordpress sisters now too! Yay! Love you, Heathy-poo

  5. Congratulations! You will do well and you will love it. Duffy is a member of their Training for Life program. So, you will probably see the hairy black monster and me in one of your classes. What a great change. — See you soon

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