Oh dear, I have been bad to my blog. I don’t mean to go this long without writing, but its indicative of how manic my life is right now. Lots of static and distractions and useless diversions that I am trying so hard to tune out but am not doing the best job at.

As far as my job-job, I think its going well. I am definitely having something of a culture shock going from a pseudo-corporate office job to a place where the work force is much more diverse, skills and background-wise. Not to mention mostly composed of females. I have never worked with majority females at any permanent job I have held. Maybe the seasonal hold over stint at retail or my short flower shop time, but not career-wise. Definitely throwing me for a loop. Men get pissed at me, call me a bitch and move on, back to buddies and beers in a day or two. Women get pissy and catty and are much more subliminal when they are angry. I guess I kind of have developed an in-your-face dude style over the last ten years, so I am struggling with keeping my mouth shut while trying to appease the involved parties. I adore my boss—partially because she is as zero-bullshit as I am—but unfortunately she’s not around a ton so I am learning to fend for myself. Which I am sure is good for me in many ways.

This week we sent home one of my favorite dogs. He was with us for longer than usual—he had been there about a week I believe when I started, so about 6 weeks total. He was pulled from a shelter by a well-meaning but uneducated first-time dog owner, and brought straight to us. This dog was not housebroken, was reactive to dogs and people on-leash, could not be let out in day care with the general population, barks incessantly in his kennel, fought the leash like a fish on a line… And yet, he truly is a really neat dog.

He is an Aussie/Border Collie “type”. Hard to say which because he kind of defies fitting into one or another breed—“Aussie-ish” in coat and color with a poofy tail sticking straight up in the air. He was/is just plain wild. He came so far in the time that we had him, and I really truly fell in love with his goofiness. He would not hurt a fly and just was oozing at the seams with personality, as out of hand as he was. He is bright, but just literally bursting out of his own skin, vibrating with energy. By the last week, we’d treadmill him 20 minutes twice a day, train him twice a day, send him out into daycare or the yard—supervised—once or twice a day, and he’d still be reverberating off the walls of his kennel. Yesterday he had his “go home bath” and I was brushing him out, or trying to, as he lolled like a spaz around on the floor, mouthing my arms, hands and the brush. I was annoyed with him, but simultaneously giggling as his silliness is just so infectious. I also took him out to the day care area with all the other dogs, and babysat as he lovingly mauled two 100+ pound Malamutes. He was in heaven. I was so happy for him and devastated at the same time.

This dog is so awesome, yet so tragic. Quite a few people at work grew to love him, but every one of us knew that we could not—would not—take a dog like that. At least in all of our respective scenarios. He needs to roam and be wild, and if he was allowed that, he would be a spectacular dog. Yet, yesterday he went home. To a one bedroom apartment. To an owner, who while completely well-meaning and wanting to do the right thing, works a full 40-hour week with a solid commute. Who cannot bring this dog to our day care facility—which he will sorely need 4-5 days a week.

We will hear back from the owner, no doubt. I give it a week, maybe ten days if he really digs in. But he is way in over his head. Way, way waaaay in. And, our rescue slots are all filled with much easier, mostly quite lovely dogs who are still in need of homes. It just kills me, and I have been thinking about him all day.

Anyone know anyone with mass acreage in search of a crazy but charming dog?

(And I know this happens every day. So sad.)


2 thoughts on “*sigh*

  1. Oh, this made me so sad, because what you have written is so true. People get dogs all the time, without really thinking about what it will truly entail to care for the dog, and like you said, they soon find out they are way in over their heads. I know, because I added a similar wild, crazy girlie to my own pack (my other 3 dogs in no way prepared me for this little tornado). But I did dig in, and sought professional help, and found the great sport of agility to help us both learn to FOCUS! 🙂 I really hope that this guy makes it.


    • Thanks Terri. I hope he makes it too. He did make it in for 2 days of daycare last week. The funny thing was, is that while he was with us full-time, he hated being in the kennels (which are large and roomy, much larger than a crate). He would shriek and bark and carry on and on. Yet, when he came in last week, after he got his crazies out first thing in the AM, he was as quiet as a lamb. Happy to observe all the action, no temper tantrums. It was almost like he was relived to be back in a place where he knew the routine. Again, sweet, but also sad at the same time.

      I havent heard the full report, but what little I did catch was that at last contact Dad sounded defeated. I hope to see my boy this Wednesday again because that will mean Dad is still digging in… fingers crossed.

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