Quickie on Bloat and Seminars (Oh and Christmas)

Merry Christmas from Family Brown Dog. One certain normally-lithe brown dog is curled, moaning, in a ball in his furry pocket post-gorging himself on someone else’s (ie. the boyfriend’s parents dog) dog food.  It was some sort of Science Diet kidney failure kibble, and he must have eaten at least a few cups. We hoped he would yack it up and tried several ways of inducing him, including hydrogen peroxide, brisk walking and even the old finger down the throat trick, but despite his obvious miserable state, he was having none of it.

So, his abdomen is swollen, and he is very unhappy, and we have day one of a seminar with Rachel Sanders tomorrow at 8:30am! I am praying for no poop explosions or lead-bellied dog partners. If worse comes to worse, I can probably borrow one of Laurie’s dogs, but that would not be as desirable as running Forest. And, of course, its still freaking raining, so we have the added complication of him not wanting to go outside. Fun stuff.

We survived Christmas with me actually receiving the few items I did want, and obtaining a minimum of crap in general. It seemed to be a generally minimalist Christmas which was fine with me. I am happy with my new flannel PJs, FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer, and hand-me-down squash blossom necklace. I made out like a bandit (albeit a focused one). I got my mom’s dog and my dad’s cat gifts, yet neglected my own two. Though I did spring for some small deer antlers last month at a trial which have been a hit, so we’ll just say that was their early gift.

Happy holidays to anyone who may read this, and assuming my dog is not still comatose tomorrow, I’ll follow up with a seminar recap.

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