Saturday Agility Avoidance

We were supposed to go—not “supposed” to I guess, but planning on going—to an agility Show n’ Go today. Instead I woke up this morning and decided that packing nic nacs, scrubbing the kitchen sink and teaching my dogs to spin in circles while standing on books would be preferable. Is that bad?

My balloon of agility enthusiasm has been severely deflated as of late. I think a few consecutive sub par trials plus the complete overwhelmed state I left the Rachel Sanders seminar in has me afraid to do agility in public again. We have been training after hours at work somewhat. Forest’s dog walk is looking nice—thank you Robot!—and we’ve been going back to some basics on one jump drills. I need to do a lot more of those. Kinda that whole the more-you-know-the-less-you-know deal.Its not anything to do with him, its me having stage fright for some unknown reason.

I am going to enter a USDAA trial in mid-Feb which I think will be a good re-intro. We’ll be starting over at the beginning since it’ll be our first USDAA event. Hopefully, that will boost our confidence enough to survive an AKC trial down in Del Mar a few weeks later. I couldn’t not do that trial as there are only one or two a year held at the fairgrounds–site of many childhood horseshow ribbons, awkward junior high dances, and rot gut fair time gastronomical delights. I am a sucker for sentimentality.

We also are moving over the next few weeks. We found an affordable place with a small garage and real yard, complete with grass and even squirrels!!! Look out varmints, you about to be displaced by yappy, high prey drive dogs. It should be a reasonably painless move as its close and we dont really have any specific date to be out of our place now. But, this will be my seventh or so move in ten years, and it just gets old. Though I am getting quite good at streamlining and tossing nonsense items. Which of course does not include the sad-looking pile of half-assembled PVC jumps and rain-crusted table and tunnel. That I haven’t used in months. Totally necessary.

Still owe the seminar write-up, which may just be deduced to my little instructional drawings on the one jump drills. My brain can only hold so much info…