More Trials, Mostly of the Dog Variety

We had our second of 3 trials in 4 weeks just last weekend. Saturday was rained out, which while I am not thrilled about losing the entry fees, have to admit I was a bit relieved to have an extra day to relax.

When I showed up on Sunday AM I was worried about the footing. It had rained hard the night before and it was a completely dirt surface. It was at the Del Mar Fairground, which I have to admit has a sentimental tie for me–I grew up showing and competing horses there as well as have a history of sketchy fair time rides and greasy foods. Oh and maybe even a junior high dance or work Christmas party or two. First thing the footing was muddy and wet. The weaves in Standard were more or less in puddle, and the handler’s path for the dog walk was a literal trudge through a swamp. I was worried about getting a shoe sucked off, or him not being comfortable in the mud. By the time we actually went, it was not too wet, but I still managed to eat it. Which had nothing to do with the footing. Mainly just my slow ass not keeping up with my athletic dog.* Our contacts were great, which was nice. An almost perfect running Aframe! Our extra work and getting up early on Thursdays has been paying off.

Jumpers finally went great as I anticipated from the weekend before. I had a few late cues, but overall I pulled it off and Forest was great. Two more Open JWW Q’s in our future, and shortly after we’ll be working on our MACH. I am very happy with how quickly we have progressed in light of how relatively recently we began this whole adventure.

Have I already mentioned how much I love my dog? I spoke to the judge after Standard in regards to my blunder, and she mentioned what a nice dog she thought Forest was. She even said how “happy” he seemed to be. That in itself was very, very huge to me. Not so long ago I was begging, pleading, to get him to pay attention to me. And now he is happy as long as I can keep it together. He is such a good boy and I am so grateful he found us. Sensitive, silly, cuddly, insanely athletic little pain in the ass he is.

Work has been interesting this week, but everyday I still learn lots of newness. And today I taught my first behavior as part of our Level 1 Obedience Class; I did Down. Woot! Puppy Class is next on the agenda, looking forward to it.

And, still on the verge of announcing big news, just waiting for it to be fully official!!!

We have a big trial this weekend and pretty much every agility person I know down this way will be there, I am excited! Report for sure on that one next week.

*See footage and be amused


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