USDAA and Running the Dog Walks

We had our 3rd-ever USDAA trial last weekend. I have to say I am a officially a fan of the USDAA. Though, we are still working on the stamina part of our team. By class 4 on Sunday, we definitely tend to lose a little steam. However, Saturday was awesome, with us Q’ing in 3 for 3. We are still in Starters, so we did have a few mistakes that flew under the radar, but I will happily take it. Standard, Gamblers and Pairs. On Sunday, we ran out of gas a bit but we did get a Q in the last class of the day (our specialty), a very sloooow Jumpers. I also finally figured out the rules to Snooker, sorta. At least enough to make it through the opening (thanks to Nicole’s course–we just followed the master plan). We got whistled off when Forest bailed his Aframe contact, the only one of the whole trial. Regardless, I was happy with him and all the blunders were clearly and obviously of my making. I am just happy that he made it through. Outdoor trials seem to go much better for us in general.

We also started our running dogwalk training–today! I meant to take video but got lazy. He did excellent running the DW plank, only missing the yellow once out of 20-25 tries. Or maybe it wasn’t that many, seems like a lot. It was hard to stop because he was doing so well. Looking forward to seeing where that goes.

In puppy news, the Phineas got neutered last week. He has survived it swimmingly so far without missing a beat. Because his neuter was a little more extensive than usual (but not the horrifying Search and Destroy mission that I had been warned about), I was supposed to keep him “quiet” for 10-12 days. Ummm, yeah. How about for 3-4 days? That sounds about right. On day 5 he was back out in daycare running around like a maniac. Call Animal Control on me, please.

He also started his running DW yesterday, walking the plank. Not really walking, more like running like a crazed idiot. I had introduced him to the plank many, many moons ago, and he clearly remembered the drill but was less-then-focused on the kibble I had to offer (his tummy is a bit wonky, so we are food-restricted at this point), yet when the toy came out he was pogoing around completely willy nilly, forget running in a  straight line. I finally figured out (and am quite proud of myself for it) that I should start him on the mat and release him across the plank to his toy as a target at the end. He was nailing it, and it was fun.

So far 2 of my 2 running dogwalk missions have been successful. I am sure it wont always be so, but I am reveling in the “ups” of my training and trialing. Happy weekend!

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