We run and we will climb…


Some practice videos from our following along of Silvia Trkman’s online running contacts course. I might be cheating a little bit, but dont tell on me. Regardless, I am following along with her methodologies, starting with observing the dog’s striding. We should finally be ready to raise up the plank to get him off the ground just at the beginning to see what happens.



For the most part however, I have backed up with Phin’s training. I still—again—skipped over some important stuff. Right now we are focusing on recall to heel, pivoting (I am close to getting a swing into heel, so excited about that one!), and general reinforcement zone stuff.

Also we’ve finally been back to getting in a bit of hiking. Phin got his very own awesome backpack to wear on our annual family backpacking trip in a few weeks. I am so excited to bring him–we’ve gone for years and I have always felt like a dog would make the trip more complete somehow. Forest and Diego wont be quite up to this one–Diego as we’ll be traversing a good bit of mileage and Forest as he is just so delicate I couldnt bear to think of him getting even the least bit sore or cold–but Phin aka “the battering ram” is ready to roll.

Forest is also taking a brief agility break. He’s been a bit “off” lately–his eyes and belly seem a bit red to me and he just isnt his usual dynamic self. Not sure how much of that is Phin’s presence and everyone getting older, or possible seasonal allergies… But I worry about him and want him to just be perfectly awesome at all times. He’s been such a champ at the last few trials I dont want to push him too much, which I know sounds counter-intuitive.  He’ll have a few weeks off, then we’ll have to gear back up for two more weekend trials in Sept. Looking forward to those and especially a short work week next week and off to the Sierras…


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