Mad Scramble

Again it’s been too long but I am not giving up! I had to call in sick on Monday and found the opportunity to do day-to-day shit I hadn’t had time to do. Like sit at the DMV and write blog posts.

In the last few weeks we’ve been backpacking, at 2 trials, and I took my CPDT test. Life has been nutty but basically centered around the dogs, lucky them.

I wrote a draft post about the backpacking trip and still need to upload photos so I’ll get to that eventually.

My test went well, I think. I studied a lot but there was some seriously random stuff in there that came out of left field. Like how/why you should deny wolf hybrids from an obedience class… Bizarre. I should get my results within 3 weeks or less. Then I should have a few letters to put after my name and my life will change! Ha.

On the trial front for the most part Forest continues to steadily get better. That doesn’t mean we’re getting more Qs but that he does continue to impress me with his attitude. He went thru 3 classes for 2 consecutive days this weekend, and we spent the night at my friends house where there was mad dog craziness going on. While I wanted to leave the trial and go home to sleep on Sunday he was still raring to go at the last class. So happy with him. Even though I lost track of where I was and effed up our gamble, our opening was speedy and beautiful and one of the best runs we’ve ever had. If I hadn’t blown it we would have had almost 20 more points than the next person. Ah well.

Phin is doing great. He is still a spaz but his little brain cells are finally all beginning to align. Our running contacts are coming along slowly–I have no reason to rush them. He’s also started running the Aframe very low–aka hitting it and super-manning over the apex and maybe or maybe not landing in the yellow. His enthusiasm actually cracks me up. I am just excited to have a fearless wild man of a dog.

Something pretty cool happened last weekend at the usdaa trial we were at. A woman who I didn’t know but whom I had seen running her dogs quite professionally throughout the weekend came over to me as I was playing with Phin.  She asked, “Who is he?!?” She was so funny. She told me he reminded her of her dog Elvis. Apparently Elvis was a very, very fast mixed breed who did quite well in the early days of usdaa (confirmed by her other expert friend and googled by me after the fact). She showed me a few pics and he does look like Phin. She told me she thought Phin looked great and that she was excited to watch him grow up. For me that was very cool.

Also looking into taking another class somewhere, somehow with yet another instructor. Laurie has cut back the amount she is teaching and between that and the fact that I now have 2 dogs to worry about, one class a week is not enough. How my bank account or current minimal free hours a week are going to jive with that concept I am not yet sure, but I am forging ahead anyway.



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