Goals, née Resolutions

I’m not that great with resolutions. They seem kinda corny to me, not to mention I never really keep up with them. At least for the long term. I do however, like “goals”. Not so much starting over and admitting you were blowing something off in the first place as continuing on with specific road markers to guide you. So, these are our goals for the year.

– clean up his contacts (go back to upholding actual criteria for his 2o2o DW. keep training the Aframe to remove the two-hit fly off issue we have once he gets really moving)
– finish his AX title (we’ve been in Excellent Standard for over a year and somehow only have one Q. That takes talent!)
– finish his AAD title, move up into all Masters
– get a Grand Prix Q
– if the GP Q happens we can think about nationals… but… I don’t know if we’re ready for all that. Plus the whole team thing is so over my head. I’d be terrified to let other people down, especially people I dont know very well… I would love to go on a roadtrip journey though, thats what I think is most appealing to me about the whole Nationals thing.
– keep him running “up” and happy, give him fair/equal time for training (at least the amount he needs, which is honestly not all that much)
– keep him fit, which should be easy as long as he is getting enough training, hiking and off leash time
– get his CA (Coursing Ability) title, or at least get him out coursing as much as we possibly can. That honestly is more important to me than any titles or agility accomplishments. The kid just wants to RUN!

– keep working on the basics. clean up his heeling and get an actual “swing” (I hate heeling, which is evident in my resistance to training it). get better sits, downs from a distance. get a stand on verbal.
– keep working on handling–both agility handling on the flat and more importantly, everyday let-me-look-in-your-mouth handling.
– make a decision about his dogwalk–running or 2o2o–and stick with it. I have been waffling on this for this exact reason; I know once I decide I cant go back, so I am stalling. I may keep stalling and give him a few more months to see if age helps at all with running the plank (instead of thinking its a bounce obstacle). In the meantime we’ve starting training an isolated 2o2o on equipment/props that hopefully wont confuse the issue.
– try some fun runs and practices in the Spring
– technically he could start running AKC as early as March, and I know he could do Novice JWW just fine, but I think I will be waiting ’til May at the earliest. There are 2 back to back AKC trials down in SD in May, so we’ll see if he’s ready for that by then.
– try to have him ready for USDAA starters in the fall. He’s eligible in June, but September-October is probably more realistic.
– keep looking for somewhere we can train outdoors with a good teacher, ideally who knows Mecklenberg, but thats a stretch down here in SoCA.
– get up to see Rachel Sanders at least once, hopefully more than once, for some guidance.
– do some coursing with him as well, he loves it almost as much as the other brother.

– stay fit, happy and healthy
– give him lots of love for being a good “TM”

– look into permitting and local laws for future business plans
– get my CPDT-K”S”A certification (Certified Pet Dog Trainer–Knowledge and SKILLS Assessed).
– teach my upcoming classes with an open mind and truly learn from my students
– be EXCITED(!) about teaching Obedience!
– find more agility and performance training mentors I can speak with regularly and openly about Phin and our training goals and challenges
– stay positive, calm and collected, regardless of what is going on around me. 🙂

Happy 2012.


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