In Brief

We had our first trial of the year this last weekend and it went as well as I could have hoped. The Rabbit was in fine form, getting his crazies out first thing in Standard on Saturday then managing 4 out of 5 Q’s for the rest of the weekend. Steeplechase, Adv Gamblers(!), Grand Prix(!!) and Adv Standard. He was a bit silly, I was a bit ridiculous, but somehow we managed together to keep it together for the most part. At least enough to eek out the Q’s where it counted. He got many, many compliments this weekend on his cuteness and uniqueness which I gladly acquiesced with.

Not to say I don’t have a million more things I should be working on with the Rabbit (nothing new, all the same–ie. contacts and weaves), but it bears repeating that I love him lots. I’d felt rather disconnected from him after some holiday family drama and time apart, but I think we are back together mentally again. All it takes is a bit of extra training time, a weekend trial and getting to sleep under the covers with me for a few nights (Pete was out of town so the dogs get to take turns sleeping in their rightful spots on/in the bed!). I just need to remember to always support him out on the course, and as long as I do that, he really sticks his neck out for me. He saved me big time in our Standard run on Sunday after my horrifically slow FC off the Aframe. He darted around me and went exactly where he was supposed to—how he knew to do that, I have no idea. Same for his read on the Gamble on Saturday. I am still in awe of how that worked out…

I also am finally finding my “true agility friends” as Laura told me I would quite some time ago. She was right, it does take a while, but you start to figure it out after a few false fits and starts. We had our little oasis of niceness and normalcy at this weekend’s trial, lots of positive chat and support. I was pretty oblivious to the majority of general trial-related griping until I made the mistake of going home and looking at facebook. Bleh. Anyways, I am finally finding the good people. And it makes it just that much more fun. Which, we often forget, is why we do this in the first place. Lots of trials coming up in the next few months, looking forward to it.


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