Some (semi-scary) footage from the weekend

My friend Matt has some pretty high-powered camera equipment and was at the club practice on Saturday. We had the Aframe there and I wanted to get a feel for what Phin’s natural striding is over a full height frame (which I realize may change, but thought it would be a good experiment). He has been over the Aframe probably about 20 times before this, without any criteria, just to get him comfortable. This I believe was the first time he ran a full-height frame–5’6″.

At this point he’s mostly doing two on the way up and two on the way down. He clearly is not 100% comfortable, but I am hoping we can maintain the two hits on each side. At this point my biggest concern is that he turns into a one-hitter on the front, which would result in him missing his up contact for USDAA. In the photos he did maintain two hits on the front, but there is a pretty scary one hitter on the back. Yikes. I think the front side is going to be a struggle… The backside criteria seems a lot easier to train than the frontside, though I did read recently about putting a bounce bump or bar on the front side to get them to the base of the frame which should help.

I will be training a running Aframe for this exact reason;

Will he be doing this if I train 2o2o? Probably not. But, I know I’ll be able to get things more under control with experience, and Mr. Kamikaze—aka Superman—does not need to try to slam into a stop when he has this much forward momentum. His shoulders would be toast within a few years I think. I will have to take extra care to teach him how not to run with all his weight on his forehand. Another fun little project… blurgh.


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