Behind, as Per Usual

Lots to catch up on and not enough energy or time really at the moment to do it all justice.

Denise Fenzi was just awesome, what I expected and more. Nothing really mind blowing but her presentation and common-sense ways of explaining things was really refreshing. No BS or fanfare, just what she has seen work explained in very clear cut, understandable terms. LOTS of tugging and play focus which I loved. Forest, didnt love it so much but he hung in there for the most part. Sue Ailsby was similar in that I didnt necessarily hear too much I hadnt heard before, but her tips and tricks and anecdotes always make her worth seeing when/if you can. It was also nice to have some non-agility takes on how to fix things, not that they were terribly different, but came from a more neutral standpoint I guess. I have lots of great notes from Denise’s talks in particular, if I ever find myself with plenty of free time to retype notes I’ll get right on that…

I had a little automotive setback last week that has forced much agility training to be be put on the back burner. Something stupid, completely my fault and fortunately no one was hurt but my car. I had 2 of the dogs in the car with me but they were safe in their crates and we weren’t going too fast so we all made it out unscathed. (Mental note that dogs will not be riding loose in my car if I can help it anytime soon.) So between now and my promised repair date of July 16th I’ll have to be creative with how I get to work as well as how I can still cram in training with the dogs being mostly left at home. I may be able to sneak them up to work with me a bit here and there if I can coerce Pete out of his truck, but for the most part we’ll all be taking an equipment vacay for the next week or two. So, we’ll have to get busy at home on the non-equipment front. I really, really need to get some basic stuff for the backyard but that’s yet another expense on my extensive wish list…

I have to admit I’m pretty burned out in general right now. I have taken a lot onto my plate between the dogs and other personal projects as well as being slammed at work.. I get home exhausted and am not always good at summoning the energy to train, or plan, or keep up with online courses, or cook dinner, or call my friends back, or many of the other things I should be doing. I know I am hardly unique with this dilemma, just wondering how we all keep it together… I guess if the dogs dont do much agility in the next few weeks the world wont end, we might even enjoy it… gasp! Don’t tell the Agility Gods…

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