Videos are Here

My friend Matt caught most of our runs this weekend on video. He did get my favorite runs from both dogs, the two missing from Phin were not particularly pretty (Standard on Sat and JWW on Sun). He did get all of Forest’s which was nice. I have started to run off the start line with him and I will say that blind crosses are Forest’s and my friend, as long as I get there early enough for him. Anything to keep him powering forward (which only includes rears when absolutely necessary).

Phin’s FAST Q, which was pretty good overall as I was able to make up our own course (turns are our friends)! And most of our JWW run. It got missed, but he did break the startline which you can see he was working up to in the prior FAST run. Forest’s easy JWW run (Q) and messy STD run included as well.

These are the nicer of our runs, and I am especially proud of both Forest’s (despite the table) and Phin’s Standard runs. Such good boys. Phin really impressed me in Standard. He really does listen so well, I just am
so happy with him.

Very, very proud of my boys this past very, very HOT weekend.


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