The Kiddo Does Good

Phin and I headed to a quickie one day AKC appearance today. I had other obligations yesterday so we just made it a one-day-Sunday affair. I actually signed up for T2B in addition to the usual stuff (I do love me some USDAA-wanna-be T2B), but I have been feeling not 100% lately (including some bizarre persistent leg cramps, weird!) so I shined heading up first thing this AM and we made it a leisurely event, getting there midday to make our Novice appearance.

I always have a different impression in my head of how things went as to how it actually happened–ie. thanks to video evidence. I was less than happy at the time with his Jumpers run, but now watching the video I can totally understand why he dropped that bar. That makes us 0 for 3 in JWW, all due to a single bar in each run. That, I was not anticipating.

However, on the opposite side of the coin, we have gone 3 for 3 in Novice Standard and he is now in Open Standard. Wow! Again, not what I was expecting. To be honest, I am thrilled with that. I was much more worried about blown contacts and weaves than I was dropped bars or bad handling, so I guess I am seeing the results of what I have put the most into. And, again, got plenty of positive commentary from all sorts of unexpected sources, including one of the mommy jeans crew who shunned me not all that long ago. (I wont go into it, but if you look hard enough you can find some bitter posts on that subject from a while back. Interesting how people change their tune when you do well.)

Here’s the video evidence, again thanks to one of Phin’s oldest supporters, our friend Matt. I owe his long-haired, thick-coated dog a bath and a blow out. Or something. Next trial weekend after Labor Day.

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