We’re Still Alive, and Well

I didnt mean for it to be so long. We’ve had a LOT on our plate lately with a LOT more to come.

General gist of it;
– Diego survived his surgery well. His tumor was cancerous but they completely removed it and are “cautiously optomistic.” Finally got him into the holistic vet and are going to try to prevent anything from returning via diet and supplements. My household thinks I am crazy, the amount of powders and pills and special meals I am preparing, but I dont care. I actually like the process of it all and Diego looks pretty great. I think he’s going to be just fine.

– Phin and I are continuing to work hard. I really was down for a while, and really questioning myself. We went to the Daisy Peel seminar and I was prepared to be berated. Instead, we had a wonderful time and learned lots and I never felt bad about really anything. She thought he was the bees knees and in keeping with last year, I walked away with a LOT of knowledge and understanding. Plus became even better friends with another few agility people, added bonus. We are also currently in Rear Cross rehab mode, not so much because of the Daisy seminar but because unless all I am running is international style courses (which are our favorite btw), we will have to be able to properly execute RCs. AKC courses dont always lend to me getting where I need to be. Fortunately our Wednesday night class is entirely composed of Excellent AKC style courses, which is good as it forced me to address this issue. We have an AKC trial next weekend and USDAA the one after that (finally!!).

– Forest is on cruise mode. He trains a bit here and there, he is maybe trialing once a month, probably more like every 6 weeks. He was so good again at the DASH trial a few weeks back. After our long and agonizing 21 months of no Ex Standard Q’s, he went back-to-back Saturday and Sunday, nailing both his Standard runs. “Blammo, no problems, got it done mom. Did you see my contacts?” The little shit monkey! So he’ll be running at USDAA, now at 12″ in Performance. He just needs one PII Pairs Q and we’ll be in all Masters. So he’s just doing that, Jumpers, PSJ and Standard I think. He only has to do the minimums and what he actually likes.

Thats it in the overview, other than my massive project I am working on behind the scenes. Wont be able to really talk about it until next year but it will be happening. Scary. Also was hoping to have some Daisy Peel seminar highlights but iMovie is SLOW and I dont have the patience for it now. I do have some AKC trial footage though, here’s some highlight runs from the kids.

Forest Excellent Standard – such a good little monkey!

He decides to throw in an extra jump for good measure, but I still liked this JWW run;

Phin’s supersonic Novice JWW runs, we Q’ed out, now all in Open. Yay.

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