Brilliance and Mayhem…

…sums up our weekend. Saturday he was just plain phenomenal–had one bar in Jumpers and other than that didnt really put a foot wrong. Yesterday I was over-caffeinated and not connecting. He had a grand old time anyways, but I was not up to par. Lots of yee-hawing by him and calling off by me, which I HATE when I do… icky ick ick. However, even yesterday in reflection—all his contacts were perfect, no bars, perfect fast weaves (other than one blow by at the end of our messy STD run which was me “proofing” at that point)…

Yesterday’s mess was my fault. I do seem to do better when I am at trials by myself without too many people I know. I get so easily distracted and my mind doesn’t refocus well. I need to get some “mental management” guidance, I think I know where to look.

Regardless of my poor showing yesterday, I am SO proud of this dog. He got his Open Standard title, cleanly, on Saturday with a very pretty run. He’ll be 2 a month from today. Wow. So blessed to have this dog!

Our pretty runs from Saturday;

USDAA at the dam next weekend. Forest gets to come out and play too, he’s going to be excited!


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