More Reports

We had fun at USDAA this weekend. Its been too long since we’ve gotten to Gamble and Steeple and play and pee off leash without fear of anyone yowling about it. Lots of Border Collies. Lots and lots. And due to an international handler seminar that happened nearby this week, lots of high-falutin’ types appeared out of the wood work. Got to watch some very nice agility this weekend. Though I have to admit, while it was for sure aspirational, it didnt seem so terribly out of reach. Kind of a cool feeling.

Forest got to run and he did really great overall. He had a smokin’ fast and clean Steeplechase run, and was only beat by an AKC World Team Alternate dog. Difference was maybe 3 seconds? Not too shabby. I am quite upset I dont have video of that run because I was really, really proud of how fast he was. His finals run this AM was clean, but I was in his way too much, and we finished a respectable third place. $9.85 check too! His other runs were good, but little bobbles (mostly DW contacts) kept him out of Q’ing in PIII Std. He does seem quite happy at 12″, and I plan to keep him there.

Forest’s only tragedy of the weekend was in pairs. Still, in advanced pairs. Our only last measly Q needed to get entirely out of Advanced. The cards were stacked in our favor with the easiest pairs course I’d ever seen. I was feeling good. And then our partner started things off, went clean, and then at the handoff realized she didnt have the baton. Aaaarghhh. My fault as well for not noticing, but… Ugh. The pairs curse continues.

Phin also did great. He Q’ed in every single one of his Starters classes–2 STD Qs, Gamblers, Pairs and Snooker. Didnt do Jumpers as we had that Q from his trial way back in June (we had an existing Snooker Q too, but hell, I like the torture of Snooker for some reason). He also made his Tournament debuts, both GP and Steeplechase. Our GP run was far from clean but something about it felt really, really good. It was an awesome feeling and it was only a few tweaks away from being perfect. Steeplechase wasn’t horrible, but didnt have that same feeling. I think that’s what I am going to be chasing from here on out. Cause if I can get that and clean runs, then man, look out.

Grand Prix (watch it on mute if you don’t want to hear agility lady peanut gallery chat during my run).


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