The Beast Turns Two

Phin turned two this week, on his “circa” birthdate of 12/12/12.


I don’t know how much I wrote here, not much I think, about taking Phin home almost 2 years ago. It was not easy, at all. I struggled with the choice, and Pete was furious. It really wasnt a “good” time, where we were living, with already two dogs… Going against what Pete wanted was the worst part. But, it was like this tidal pull, a natural force, that I could not control. I remember driving to work one day, bawling, because he was so upset with me but I couldnt, and wouldnt, go back on my decision. Obviously Pete has forgiven me (on most days anyway), and understands now what and why I did what I did—but couldn’t explain—back then. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

He is now two, its gone by so fast. Such a good dog, in so many ways.

He loves agility. Loves it. More than I ever could have hoped for. He will work until the sun goes down, and it takes effort and cognizance on my part to not take advantage of that. He’s gotten faster and more furious, and though we still have tons of refining to do, if I can be consistent he will be a force to be reckoned with. Trialing and running him is like a drug; its probably not a bad thing I am so incredibly strapped for cash right now, otherwise I would be running him every damn weekend out of a need for the fix. But, he’s got many miles ahead of him and we have all the time in the world.

He’s gotten more confident in general. His reactivity with people has waned, though I’ve also learned what greeting protocols are best for him and when just to skedaddle altogether and avoid any issues. He is phenomenal with other dogs–in my eyes anyway–which means he could care less most of the time, but when I need to use him in a training capacity with other dogs he is there and dependable.

He is still puppy-ish; destroys ALL destroyable toys, still steps in poo and tracks it in the house. Still stalks Forest out in the yard, careening up to him at 100mph, and slamming on the breaks just in time to bounce and bark in his face. His favorite trick out in daycare and at work is to jump in his favorite people’s face and give them a lick on the cheek–he may push off just a bit with his front paws but there is no climbing or pushing–just his tongue appearing out of thin air, the kiss, and he’s gone. He also loves to celebrate the end of his agility runs by leaping on me and putting my arm in his mouth. I should probably work on that one instead of encouraging it.

Many more years ahead of us. I have lots of goals in mind, but, we’ll keep those under wraps for now. I am just so blessed to have had this dog land in my lap. I don’t know what I did to deserve him, maybe I had some leftover karma from my last life. And, I’ll keep paying it forward the best I can. Welcome to two Nugget.