It’s been hectic and a lot has changed quickly in the last few weeks on the work front. I left my job at Wags and will be going it on my own for the near future. Other big things in the works as well still, but that will happen when its time to happen. A quote I found online just the other day said;

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

So true and so applicable to many different facets of my life right now. Speaking of taking time to accomplish things… 🙂

We had a USDAA trial a few weeks back. While our Q rate was relatively abysmal, overall I was happy with the dogs and their performances. The highlight was without a doubt the LOOOOOOOOOOONG-awaited pairs Q with Forest that earned him his AAD. Its been since, I had to look, late Fall of 2011 that we moved into Advanced. We don’t trial a ton, and I sure as heck don’t train him these days, but that damn pairs run was an albatross around our neck. Luckily we were paired with a team I knew well who I also didnt feel a lot of pressure from (Pairs stresses me out to no end!!), and we pulled it off. So now Forest and I have no real title goals and I think that’s the best way for us to proceed forward. He is loving 12″ and when the weather’s cool and he’s in the mood, his tight turns make him extremely competitive in that class. We shall see what happens but now its just about good times with the Rabbit.

Forest Steeplechase finals–he popped at 10 on the second pass but I didnt care. At that point in the weekend I wasnt about to make him go back and weave again…

Phin and I had blips and errors in every run, but other than a debacle of an Adv STD run on day 1, everything else I was more than happy with. Some very challenging courses for young dogs and overall he did just swimmingly. My favorite run of the weekend was our Adv Jumpers run. I totally mangled a pretty tough opening discrimination, so after I reset and got back on track I decided to go for it–getting in 3 blinds ahead of him. It felt really good and seamless and we got a lot of compliments on the run. It was again one of those runs that had the “feeling” to it, and the NQ had absolutely no weight on how that felt. Pretty cool stuff.

And, on the pretty cool stuff front, because I have some extra time on my hands for the immediate future, I decided to go big and take a road trip. We are heading up North to Oregon next week to visit Daisy and her Clear Mind facility. I am beyond excited for some time working with her, but nearly as excited to get to go on a road trip with just me and my best boy. I used to drive all over the Western US when I was younger—to Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming—and I have missed it desperately. I unfortunately cant spend as much time as I would truly like getting there and home, but it will be good and the nerd in me can’t wait to start packing and planning.

Lots happening, but all good things and I can’t wait for the next chapter to unfold….